Xander's eyes were checked when he was 4 and went to a yearly well child appointment.  At this doctor appointment, he did not really fully understand what he was supposed to do and ran up to the chart to read it.  At that time, the testing was somewhat invalid, but we figured he would be possibly ready for the eye exam when he was older.  We also had not noticed any concerns with his eyes, but planned to get his eyes tested before he went to school.  There is also a history of nearsightedness on the mom's side of the family. 

In December 2008, Xander was tested at preschool by the Prevent Blindness Northern California.  Xander referred to this testing as a game he played to test his eyes.  He was tested twice, and both times he appeared to be struggling to see things far away.  He stated "I can't see very well."  He closed or covered one eye during the testing.  With both tests showing the same result, a letter and some brochures were sent home from the Prevent Blindness of Northern California recommending Xander see an eye doctor.

We made an appointment right away with a pediatric eye doctor Dr. Robert Fox.  He and his staff were great with Xander.  Xander displayed the same behaviors during his eye exam.  He was having trouble seeing things far away.  We ordered glasses for Xander, and he has been wearing them ever since.  He does have a follow-up appointment next month to see if they are working for him.

Xander needs to wear his glasses all the time.  We have noticed his ability to see things clearer.  As we drive anywhere, he tells us what all the signs on the road say now.  Shasta College Early Childhood Education Center teacher's have also commented on how the glasses have helped him and encourage him to wear them.  The glasses definitely seem to allow him to see better, and they look great on him!  He has done a great job of taking care of his glasses by putting them away and cleaning them. 

We appreciated that the Prevent Blindness Northern California came to the Shasta College Early Childhood Education Center and screened Xander.  This service was free and valuable to help us understand that Xander had some eye trouble.  This service helped him get the glasses he needed to succeed not only in school, but in life.  We believe that catching this eye concern is better earlier than later too!

Thanks again for helping Xander!

—Kathy and Jim Grah