Children's Vision Screening

Saving Sight in Children

You have the power to change a child’s life by saving their vision! A simple vision screening during preschool years can help detect vision problems at a treatable stage. Join a team of motivated individuals, like yourself, to ensure that children in your community have healthy vision. Catching vision problems is critical during early childhood, when approximately 80% of a child’s learning is visual. Yet, only 22% of preschool children between ages 3 to 5 receive vision screening. Vision screening in the preschool setting is fun for children and highly effective.

Our Children’s Vision Screening Program offers direct screening, referral and follow-up to over 25,000 preschool children annually. Our screening procedures were developed by PBNC’s Scientific Advisory Committee, consisting of leading ophthalmologists in California. The training program is informative and does not require a background in medicine.

As a certified screener you will:

  • Be trained on the basics of vision problems in children and how to screen for them
  • Recruit preschools in your community to screen
  • Screen preschools with 3 – 4 members of your team
  • Be invited to attend PBNC social events and programs!
  •   Create lasting memories and friendships with your teammates  

Through this experience you will gain a sense of pride in the teamwork as you work with others to deliver high quality vision services to preschool children. This project is especially rewarding because there is gratification in knowing you are changing lives with each screening. You can make the project work with your schedule, ranging from screening a few mornings a year to as many screenings as you want. 


Volunteer Requirements

  1. Complete certification components (Attend 3 hour theory class, pass written test, perform screening in a PBNC staff supervised setting for at least 3 hours)
  2. Commit to a minimum of 5 weekday mornings per year
  3. Conduct screenings according to PBNC Children’s Vision Screening Guidelines and Procedures
  4. Complete Department of Justice background check

Adult Vision Screening

PBNC screens adults at risk for eye diseases and connects people to resources for eye care. These screenings are conducted at various times throughout the year. Some screenings require that volunteers have received their Adult Vision Screening Certification. To learn more about our Adult Vision Screening Course visit the Training and Certification page.

Office Help

Sometimes PBNC needs help with office tasks such as stuffing envelopes, entering data, and preparing for events. These volunteer opportunities range from a few hours to a full day of help.

Interested in Volunteering? Send us an email at [email protected]! Be sure to include which volunteer opportunities you are interested in and your availability.