Our programs are focused on the early detection, prevention, and treatment of vision problems. Through strategic partnerships we are able to connect the people we serve to appropriate care. Since 1966, PBNC has screened over 1 million children and adults, connected over 50,000 people vision care services, and certified over 25,000 vision screeners.


Volunteer Program

Our Volunteer Program consists of over 300 PBNC Certified Children's Vision Screeners throughout Northern California, who volunteer in their communities by providing free vision screening services to 22,000 preschool children each year. 72% of the children referred to an eye doctor from these screenings are diagnosed with a vision problem. .

Adults Vision Screening Program

Our Adults' Vision Screening Program identifies early stages of eye disorders so they can find treatment.

Vision Screening Training

Our Vision Screening Certification Program provides the gold standard in children's vision screening training and certification to Head Start personnel and for volunteer screeners who work with within PBNC programs. Annually, we certify and re-certify approximately 500 children's vision screeners.

See Well To Learn - The Eye Bus!

Our mobile exam van travels throughout San Francisco and Oakland to screen preschool aged children directly at their school sites.