“I accidentally broke my glasses, which I’d gotten from MediCare after my cataract surgeries 10 years ago. They aren’t repairable, and I can’t afford to replace them. Without glasses I can't see street signs, facial expressions, and other things so important to everyday life for many people lucky enough to have the gift of sight. I have Marfan Syndrome, among other health conditions, which means I had low vision until my cataract surgeries. After that, with glasses, I could see things I’d never seen before. Thank you all so much for offering free glasses to those in need. You’re returning vision to me, which helps me so much in my part time job. I’m an Independent Living Skills Instructor at the Berkeley Center for independent Living...P.S. I can’t divulge her name because of CIL’s confidentiality rules, but one of my students also benefitted from your program, as well. She thanks you too!"

Cheri Lorenz