Safeguard independence by early detection in adults.

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Adult Vision Screening Certification Course includes: how to accurately test visual acuity; how to operate a nonmydriatic fundus camera; when to refer participants on to specialty care; which vision health specialties are appropriate for the individual; how to connect participants who need further evaluation to accessible resources.

Prevention of vision loss is crucial to preserve the independence and quality of life for our elder population.  The PBNC Adult Vision Screening Program, held in health fairs, senior centers, and the PBNC Office, stresses the early identification of possible eye disorders. We are currently planning to expand our Adult Vision Screening Program.

One of the principle conditions our Adult Vision Screening Program is designed to detect is glaucoma. Known as the “sneak thief of sight”,  its symptoms are often difficult to notice.  Early detection of glaucoma is crucial because vision lost to glaucoma cannot be restored, but with treatment, vision loss can be stopped, or even prevented.

Besides glaucoma, our screening program detects signs of other conditions needing immediate medical attention, such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, as well as conditions such as cataracts or refractive errors, which then should be further evaluated by an eye care professional.  Program staff and volunteers conducting the screenings take time with each participant to explain the results of the screenings and to educate them on the importance of preventative eye care. 

In adults over age 40, 3.4 million are visually impaired, including over 1 million who are blind.  For adults who are losing eyesight, it can be catastrophic, especially at a time of life when they may be facing many other challenges. Our goal is to preserve sight and in so doing help our seniors preserve their quality of life and enjoy the rewards of their age.