Prevent Blindness Northern California

Blindness is catastrophic to an individual and in many cases sight loss is preventable. Prevent Blindness Northern California (PBNC), a 501(c)(3) organization, provides services to prevent vision impairment.  Since 1966, PBNC has screened over 1 million children and adults, connected over 50,000 people to vision care services and certified over 25,000 vision screeners.


Prevent Blindness Northern California is devoted to the preservation of sight for the people of Northern California.  We accomplish this through direct vision screening services, vision screening training programs, public education, and advocacy.  We believe that detection of vision disorders at a treatable stage and raising awareness of eye health and safety are essential to preventing vision loss and blindness.

Board of Directors

An active Board of Directors comprised of prominent ophthalmologists and business people governs PBNC.  Medical members actively serve on the Scientific Advisory Committee and provide invaluable consultation and guidance to program development and implementation. Our staff, including a Registered Nurse, represent some of the diverse populations residing in our Northern California communities. Programs are carried out by staff and our more than 300 volunteers.

Additionally, our active Board of Directors keeps the program staff current on public health issues relating to healthy vision and eye diseases, and incorporates into its program services updated information from the National Eye Institute, Center for Disease Control, Prevent Blindness America, and Ophthalmology Periodicals.

Redding Branch Office--Now Closed